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Christian Social Ethic engages in the study of the ethical aspects of the structures of society, i.e. economy, politics, media, on the one hand, and social background, family, youth culture, etc., on the other hand. It has emerged in the late 19th century from the examination of the Social Question by Social Catholicism and in conjunction with the Social Proclamation of the Catholic Church. During the 20th century the number of topics dealt with by Christian Social Ethic increased due to a growing awareness of the problems of global coexistence. A special emphasis of Christian Social Ethic is placed on social politics, ethic of the economy and other fields.

The teaching range of Christian Social Ethic at the University of Augsburg comprises the philosophical and theological foundations of social ethic, ethic of politics, economy, media and environment. Research activities of Christian Social Ethic focus on fundamental questions of Social Ethic, on the one hand, and on ethic of the media, medial popular culture (film, TV, comics), information, computer and the internet, on the other hand. The professorship for Christian Social Ethic not only contributes to the courses of study, such as Graduated Theologist, Teacher Training Courses for Primary and Secondary Schools but also provides the module media ethic for the BA and MA course “Media and Communication”. Prof. Dr. Thomas Hausmanninger instructs and guides students doing their doctorate in theology or philosophy or their habilitation.

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